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  • Dr. Michael Johnson

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Dr. Michael Johnson is licensed psychologist providing treatment for sex addition to individuals and couples in Austin, Texas.


The opposite of Addiction isn’t Sobriety, its Connection.  Sex addiction is counterfeit connection.  Affairs, prostitution, pornography, objectification block real connection.  A safe, honest, sex-positive therapy space helps free people from the addiction and create life affirming connections.  I work with couples and individuals.  End your suffering – call today.

I provide both individual and couples therapy.  Therapy is a cooperative, creative experience.  It happens in an emotionally safe, supportive, and uncritical environment.  In therapy, the history, causes, pains, and secrets surrounding life's struggles and goals are discovered, disclosed, and discussed in confidential care.  It is where the seeds of change are planted and nurtured into healthy new practices.  Therapeutic change reduces pain, suffering, and isolation and enhances human freedom, joy, creativity, and intimate connection.  Please feel free to contact me for details and scheduling.  

Group Therapy
All faiths, spiritual orientations, and sexual orientations. Group members need to self-identify as sex addicts. The group is designed for men who are committed to sobriety and who have done some individual counseling relative to their sexual addiction.

Group Goals Include:

The goal of this group is to provide a structured, supportive, nurturing, non-shaming therapeutic environment for sexually compulsive and addicted men. The group is designed to address the obsessive thinking and compulsivity of sexual addiction and to promote change in the lives of sexually addicted and compulsive men.

-Reduce and eliminate damaging and limiting compulsive behavior
-Develop mental, emotional, and behavioral coping skills
-Acquire tools for living free from addiction
-Develop self-acceptance and self-empowerment to end the cycle of shame and pain
-Heal underlying wounds at the root of the troublesome behavior
-Continuing refinement and implementation of long-term recovery strategy
-Develop healthy, appropriate, intimate relationships with other men
-Guidance and company on the journey towards psychological
-Repair and replace distorted and obsessive thinking
-Reconnect to sexual self, authentic self, and spiritual self

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Education, affiliations, and training

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About Addiction

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How to choose a sex addiction therapist

Certification:  Is the therapist either S-PSB* or C-SAT**?
Membership:  Is the therapist a member of Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health or the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals.
Experience:  How long has this therapist been specializing in Sex Addiction Treatment and how many sex addicts has the therapist treated.
Specialization:  Is Sex Addiction the therapist's only or primary specialization or is it on of "many specializations"?

*S-PSB is a certification awarded by the Society for the Advancement of Sexual health
**C-SAT is a certification awarded by the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals




Ph.D. Psychology, Psychology Department, University of Missouri-Columbia: 1989
M.S. Psychology, Psychology Department, San Diego State: 1983.
A.B. Psychology, Psychology Department, San Diego State: 1980.

Texas License #25085
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American Psychological Association
Divisions of Counseling & Peace Psychology
Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health
Advanced Trained Ericksonian Hypnotherapist


Sex Addiction Treatment Training and Experience:
Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health - 49.5 hours of training
The Meadows - 19 hours
Santé Center for Healing and Vanderbilt Medical Center - 21 hours
Miscellaneous - 11 hours