• Dr. Michael Johnson

    Psychologist, Specialist in Problematic Sexual Behavior

  • Dr. Michael Johnson

    Specializing in Sex Addiction Treatment in Austin, TX

Expressions of Sexual Addiction may include....

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Cybersex                                                Phone Sex                                                        Work Place Sex

Compulsive Masturbation                    Sexual Harassment                                          Nude Bars

Buying Sexual Massage                      Stalking                                                               Swinging

Sex with Prostitutes                              Anonymous Sex                                                 Sex with Escorts

One Night Stands                                 Voyeurism                                                           Exhibitionism

Pornography                                         Public Sex                                                            Repeated Affairs

Dangerous  Sex                                   Illegal Sex                                                            Sexual Crimes

Disordered Intimacy                            Unsafe Sex                                                          S&M

Cross-Dressing                                   Love                                                                      Addiction Fetishes

Demanding, Objectifying Sex with a Partner                                                                  Bondage


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