• Dr. Michael Johnson

    Psychologist, Specialist in Problematic Sexual Behavior

  • Dr. Michael Johnson

    Specializing in Sex Addiction Treatment in Austin, TX

Wisdom of the 12 Steps

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                                                                              Acknowledge - Accept - Identify - Forecast

                                                                                              The Gifts of Feelings *
                                                         Feeling                                                                                Gift

                                                        Anger                                                                                    Strength

                                                        Fear                                                                                       Wisdom

                                                        Pain – Hurt – Sadness                                                         Healing

                                                        Loneliness                                                                             Reaching Out

                                                       Guilt                                                                                         Values

                                                       Shame                                                                                     Humility

                                                       Passion                                                                                   Creativity

                                                      Joy                                                                                            Healing


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